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Free-Radio Strikes Back!

As decided at the Brazilian Free-Radio Meeting, ocurred in Floripa last October, people involved with the Free-Radio Project will meet again next January at the World Social Forum, in Porto Alegre - Brazil. At the Forum, we pretend to be doing the following:

  • Alocate some area at the International Camp and some gear to assemble a infrastructure destinated to alternate comunication/media groups;
  • Some internal discussion about the Free-Radio Network, that has been delayed a few times;
  • Give people access to knowledge and promote discussions about Free-Radios and other alternate comunications/media, and also about intelectual property and copyleft;
  • To assemble a network of Radio transmiters and do some broadcasting together;
  • Do some workshops about Free-Radio, Web-Radio and such...

All this together is a lot of things to do. Thas why we are inviting people interested in Free-Radios and free comunications to participate in the organization process of the meeting at the Forum. You can join the discussion at the mail-list of the Free-Radio Project (to subscribe, go to and fill in the form) or go to the meeting website (at

See you at the World Social Forum!! :-)

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Page last modified on September 07, 2005, at 12:33 PM