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Convergence Independent Media Center and radio project



From the creation of IMC Africa working group, through communication between activists and indymedia supporters, the desire to get Africa on board the indymedia train has been a constant. Some concrete efforts let to the first Alternative/indymedia Regional Conference in Dakar from the 1st to the 14th March 2004 and the Organization of an indymedia Center at the polycentric World Social Forum events in Bamako in January 2006.

Now a once in a lifetime opportunity is before us to seriously boost indymedia growth in Africa with an active participation of indymedia in the upcoming World Social forum in Nairobi Kenya from January 20-25, 2007.

Organizers in Kenya, throughout Africa and around the world will work together, both on-line and in face-to-face meetings, to build a temporary independent media center in Nairobi, Kenya, to provide communication during the January '07 World Social Forum. This "convergence-based" IMC will provide text-based, audio, and (potentially) video coverage of the World Social Forum, both on-line and through a local low-power radio station, enabling independent media coverage of the WSF during the forum itself as well as access through the world wide web to the WSF by an international audience.

The IMC will also be a hub for trainings and hands-on media-making workshops throughout the World Social Forum. Thousands of organizers will be coming to the World Social Forum from around the globe, especially from Africa; this IMC will empower activists (especially those in Africa) to create effective independent media institutions in their countries. Also, all the equipment purchased for this IMC will remain in Kenya for use by the Kenya IMC and other Kenyan independent media projects. The IMC plans to be open from January 13 to January 25. The WSF itself takes place from January 20-25.



  • the Kenya-IMC ( - Still pending approval as a formal part of the Indymedia network, has been in existence since 2004, after sending two representatives to the African Indymedia conference in Dakar, Senegal.
  • the IMC-Africa ( working group - an Indymedia list composed of African Indymedia activists and supporters from around the world.
  • Prometheus Radio Project - an organization that supports and builds low-power-radio stations around the world, and will provide technical advice and assistance for the low power radio station that will be operated from the ?Convergence IMC Center? to be built in Nairobi for the duration of the WSF (with equipment to remain in Kenya for use by future low power radio initiatives).
  • Some students and faculty members from Maseno University in Kenya , who will participate in ongoing independent media projects after the WSF is over.


Trips and support

We will be attempting to raise travel funds for independent media activists who wish to come to Kenya to participate in the IMC. Preference will be given to activists from Africa, but we encourage all who are interested in coming to let the imc-africa list know *as soon as possible*. We would like to effectively come up with a budget by OCTOBER 1. 2006. Don't hesitate to send any ideas you may have for the Nairobi IMC to the IMC-Africa list. We'll see you in Nairobi!"


How to be at Nairobi

On the question on general information about things like cost of leaving in Kenya and general traveling information, I think the World Social Forum folks did a great job under the topics : Getting to Nairobi, Where to stay, Getting around, meeting place and Communication on their website at



Because of the central role of radio in the media landscape in Africa, the Low Powered FM radio to be operated from the “WSF Convergence IMC” is going to be the core of the operations of the IMC.

1. Conference calls



4.Radio Workshops


Low cost and availibility has made the internet the key tool in the development of the global indymedia network. Though not widely available to the public in Africa, the internet is still a very potent tool in community organizing in the continent. In this case it will also serve to build and strenght relations between activists in the Africa, and with others elsewhere in the globe leading to sharing of information, knowledge and exprience that will benefit the overall global social justice struggle.



Screen printing allows for low-cost and effective printing of garments and posters. It is thus a perfect means to spread out information, opinion, and arts in a "wireless" continent. We are aiming to set up a screen print studio at the WSF.


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